42 Taiji Sword

by Lindsay Smith
(Q Australia)

I've been doing 42 daily for about 6-years. Michael & Matthew learned in Qingdao in the late '90s & taught us. We went to Qingdao in 2005. Our forms are close to what they do there. What is correct, or not varies according to what teacher you train with. There are differences between taiji & wushu versions of forms. Many Wushu players over extend to look good for the judges & eventually damage their knees. Pan LaoShi who we did tui shou with was very clear about that.

You can also check out some of my artwork:



cheers, Lin


Stuart's Note:

Thank you so much Lindsay for dropping in to share. Great to see your sword form in action. Very appropriate that yours is the first video submission because that is where my whole Tai Chi journey began.

For that Laoshi, you have my eternal respect and appreciation.

Warm Regards


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