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Josh Young


My name is Josh Young and I've been training in taijiquan for about 6 years. I've studied martial arts for many more. My main focus is on Yang style with a martial emphasis.

I wanted to learn taijiquan because I love swordsmanship and have deep respect for taijiquan sword.

My favorite thing about taiji is how fun it is. Taijiquan has helped me keep my mind and body in shape as well.

Teachers Name: My main teacher is Art Barrett.

Teacher's Lineage: My lineage is from Chen Wei-Ming, who taught Leung, King-Yu who taught Alwin Sit Sun Leung, who taught my teacher. I also draw from other styles, forms and instructors including Sun, Chen and WTBA as well as other Yang lineages.

Tai Chi Styles OR Taoist Sect/Tradition:

I focus primarily upon form work, Push Hands of several types including free fighting and Jian.

Other Related Arts Taught:

I practice and can teach Knife and shuriken throwing. Specifc practices from several disciplines find their way into my work including Sacred Dance (Natya yoga), Capoeira, and Wing Chun.

City/Village/Town: Provo

State/County/Province: Utah

Country: USA

Other School Information:

We have multiple instructors in several taijiquan styles.

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