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This is where you get to make your Learn Tai Chi Online Toolkit™. This toolkit has revolutionised your opportunity to learn Tai Chi regardless of where you are in the world and regardless of your circumstances.

I have made this toolkit as simple and as cheap as I can using materials and tools that you either may already have in your home, or are quite simple to get. So let’s get you started…

Step 1: Download and read the Making your DIY Tai Chi Toolkit™ eBook

IMPORTANT: Just clicking on the above link will open the PDF to a new browser window. If you want to save it to your computer, right-click the link, select "Save Target As..." and save it to a folder on your computer.

Step 2: Get ready with all the materials and tools you need (listed in the PDF)

  • A printer to print out the templates included in this PDF (or take file to a print shop)
  • A good pair of scissors capable of cutting thin carpet as well as cardboard
  • In the absence of a good pair of scissors, a good quality card-board cutter knife
  • Felt tipped marker pen
  • Either a 1m x 1m piece of rubber backed carpet (preferable) or a same sized piece of study cardboard
  • A 1.5m length of ½ inch wood dowel
  • Sand paper
  • Measuring ruler or tape

Step 3: Watch the following instructional videos on how to make your Learn Tai Chi Online Toolkit™

Step 4: Make your Learn Tai Chi Online Toolkit™

Step 5: Start learning Tai Chi Online today with your Learn Tai Chi Online Toolkit™

Have you made your Learn Tai Chi Online Toolkit™? If “YES” then go now to your first lesson:

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