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That's what most Tai Chi teachers and practioners will tell you, and it’s what I would have told you 7 years ago. That was until I stumbled across an amazing new learning tool (more like a toolkit really) that really blew me away.

This new system of learning Tai Chi has, for the very first time, made it possible for you to learn online the complex sequence of Tai Chi postures, poses, and movements virtually as if you were training one-on-one with a live teacher.

Which means all the health benefits of Tai Chi are now well and truly in your reach regardless of where you are in the world. Benefits like:

  • Easing the pain and discomfort of arthritis,
  • Relieving back pain,
  • Improving physical fitness,
  • Assisting with tension release and alleviating stress,
  • Helping with chronic illnesses,
  • Easing the impacts of aging,
  • Facilitating the mind body and spirit connection.

Here is a sample of what you will learn:

So what's this amazing "new discovery"?

OK here's the short and long of it...

"The Secret" To You Learning Tai Chi Online Lies
In Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code"

Actually I am being quite serious!

You see when I was reading "The Da Vinci Code" for the first time there is a chapter where the main character of the book, Robert Langdon, was talking about how the Fibonacci sequence was found in nature (eg. rabbit and bee populations etc.). He also mentioned that the "Golden Ratio", or Phi (the ratio of two measurements where one is approximately 1.618 times larger than the other), was found in the human body.

Intrigued, I got out a tape measure and sure enough I discovered:

  • The width of your shoulders ≈ 1.618 x the length of your foot,
  • The length of your forearm ≈ 1.618 x the length of your hand
  • The length of the bones in your hand are ≈ 1.618 x the length of the bone next closest to the tip of the finger,
  • The distance from your navel to the ground ≈ 1.618 x the distance from your navel to the top of your head
  • See more amazing correlations of the Golden Ratio here.

But what really rang a very loud bell for me is when I discovered that the Golden Ratio forms a logarithmic spiral called the Golden Spiral .

Tai Chi Fibonacci Spiral The Golden Spiral

Now the reason why this stopped me in my tracks was because I was doing a lot of training at the time on the "Spiral Qi Form", what some may know as Chan Si Jin, or Silk Reeling Power. This training involves deliberate attention to the spirals present in all the Tai Chi postures and Tai Chi movements.

At the time I thought, "I wonder if there is some sort of correlation?"

Hahaha!! Didn't that question just set me down a winding path, if you will excuse the pun ;-)

What followed was 7 years of research and development, firstly just on my own -- exploring, measuring, practicing, revising and refining the details. This research resulted in me designing a set of learning tools which I thought would help students learn Tai Chi both faster and easier. I introduced this learning technique into my classes to see if it would work with "real students". Lo and behold ... IT DID WORK!!

My students were able to "get" the exact alignments and postures of Tai Chi faster than ever ... and more importantly, and of interest to you, they were able to achieve the correct Tai Chi postures ON THEIR OWN!

OK, so what does this all mean to you and how does this help you learn Tai Chi online?

In the 7 or so years I have been developing the way Phi and the Fibonacci Sequence fits with Tai Chi Chuan, I have designed 3 simple tools that, when combined, give you every chance to quickly and easily learn Tai Chi from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you are. I have also worked out a simple way for you to actually make these tools yourself with minimum expense and trouble. You will get detailed instructions on how to make:

  • 1x floor template that will show you in clear and precise detail how to align your feet to get the all important foundations of your Tai Chi postures and movements right,
  • 1x Tai Chi ruler that gives you laser like accuracy in the way to structure your body to start bringing out all the benefits that Tai Chi offers,
  • 3x Tai Chi angles - these are the hidden key that tie everything together. Without these angles I would never have dreamed that learning Tai Chi online was even remotely possible. With these angles, and with a bit of dedication from you, you are now empowered to reap the rewards of learning Tai Chi that was previously only possible for those studying one-on-one with credible teachers.

This is a do-it-yourself-at-home toolkit (yours free of charge) which will take you by the hand and guide you through all the Tai Postures almost as well as if I was right there with you giving you personal Tai Chi instruction. You get laser-guided instruction on how to get all the Tai Chi alignments and postures perfectly correct.

I have also taken the trouble of producing a whole bunch of video clips that I have made freely available that will show you in step by step fashion how to use these tools to learn the 108 Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan. I have left nothing to guess about -- each movement, each posture is broken down to show you exactly where your body should be at every point of the Tai Chi form.

But you are probably wondering...

Why am I willing to teach you Tai Chi Online absolutely free of charge?

After all, most online instructional courses for Tai Chi Chuan or other movement arts are wanting to charge you up to $97 per month. So why would I just give it away for free? Well there are a couple of very good reasons:

Good Reason #1

Firstly because this Learn Tai Chi Online program isn't a "finished product" yet. You see the Tai Chi tools and videos I have put on offer here are so brand new to the world of Tai Chi that I know they aren't yet "the best" they will be. By this I mean that I fully anticipate that in 12 or 18 months, after your interaction, involvement and feedback, I will probably redo all the videos again and make further refinements.

Does this mean that I will start charging in 12 to 18 months? Probably not because, as you are about to read, trying to "make money" from you is not my ethic.

Good Reason #2

I believe in giving quality value first before receiving. I believe that, if I give the best of myself and what I know to you and other people, life will find a way to "balance the books", so to speak. I also believe that people should be given a chance to only "pay" in accordance to both the level of what they have received in terms of value and benefit, and in terms of what a dollar means to the individual.

Now no doubt you would have seen the donation links on the pages of Tai-Chi-Wizard.com. If, and only if, you discover benefit in what I am offering then all I ask is that you consider "returning some energy" by making a donation to Tai-Chi-Wizard.com to support my work and effort to promote Tai Chi Chuan to as many people as possible. If you do choose to make a donation then I leave it totally up to you how much you donate.

Does that sound fair to you?

But let's cut to the chase shall we? Are you ready to start learning Tai Chi online?

Learn Tai Chi Online Level 1:

1. DIY Tai Chi Toolkit

2. Tai Chi Song Gong Level #1

3. 108 Tai Chi Form Section 1.1

4. Questions and Answers Page

5. Submit Your Tai Chi For Review

6. Donate to Tai-Chi-Wizard.com

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