Now For The First Time, New Breakthrough System Reveals How To Learn Tai Chi Chuan Online From The Comfort Of Your Own Home Or Wherever You Are In the World

I never thought you could learn Tai Chi Chuan online, in fact at one stage I would have said it was all but impossible - but after 9 years of intense research and trial testing, I finally discovered the secret and you will be amazed how simple and easy it is!

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This new system of learning Tai Chi has, for the very first time, made it possible for you to learn the complex sequence of Tai Chi postures, poses, and movements all online virtually as if you were training one-on-one with a live teacher.

Which means all the health benefits of Tai Chi Chuan are now well and truly in your reach regardless of your time commitments or where you are in the world. Benefits like:

  • Greater balance & stability,
  • More power and efficiency in movements,
  • Reduced stress,
  • Improved flexibility and movement range in joints,
  • Improved fitness,
  • Increased calm confidence, etc.

Up to now if you wanted to learn real Tai Chi Chuan (the type that teaches you effective martial arts as well as improving your health and wellbeing) you had to train one-on-one with a decent teacher. But here are your problems:

  • Most Tai Chi schools that you will find are teaching what I call "poodle Tai Chi"; watered down versions that have been stripped of all its martial arts and only focus on health and relaxation and practiced mainly by old people in parks.
  • The Tai Chi Chuan teachers that can teach you the full spectrum of the training are rare and hard to find; they may not be in the same city as you, they may not even be in the same country as you.
  • Even if you do find such a teacher their tuition fees or class times might not fit in with what works best for you.

If any of these frustrations apply to you then you are forced to either put up with learning poodle Tai Chi or quite simply not learn Tai Chi at all.

This new system of learning Tai Chi Chuan now changes everything for you. Now, regardless of your location, regardless of your schedule, you can have the full spectrum of Tai Chi Chuan available to you and all you need is your computer and the ability to make a couple of very simple tools.

So what's the big "secret"? What makes this online course so revolutionary?

Real Tai Chi Chuan is based on very specific alignments of the body. By "alignments" I mean the angle of the joints, i.e. the angle of the forearm to the upper arm or the angle of the lower leg to the upper leg etc. The purpose of these alignments is really quite simple…

… to maximize the efficiency of martial power.

In short, Tai Chi Chuan teaches you how to create maximum amount of power in your strikes, grappling etc. with the minimum amount of effort.

So what are these special alignments or angles?

Now that is an AWESOME question.

Back in 2005 as part of my own practice and research of Tai Chi Chuan I asked a simple question: "Is there something constant about all these special alignments? Is there a formula or some law of physics that you could use to ensure you are getting these alignments correct?"

As I was to discover the answer is: "Yes!"

You see Tai Chi Chuan is based on the mathematics of spiral power. This was represented by the whole theory and symbolism of Yin and Yang. Please note that the Yin and Yang symbol is called the Tai Chi Tu; the symbol of Tai Chi.

An old (left) and modern (right) version of the Tai Chi Tu, or the Yin and Yang Symbol.
An old (left) and modern (right) version of the Tai Chi Tu, or the Yin and Yang Symbol.

Please also note (and this is so incredibly important that you really get this) that the art is called "Tai Chi Chuan". Chuan in Chinese mandarin means "fist" or "boxing". So, just as the Tai Chi Tu is the symbol or Yin and Yang, Tai Chi Chuan is the boxing of Yin and Yang.

Or said simply enough: Yin and Yang Boxing.

By goodness I hope the penny just dropped for you!

Tai Chi Chuan is a form of boxing or combat that applies the spiralling nature of Yin and Yang to both its method of generating power and its fighting strategy.

But it's not any old spiral! Quite specifically it is the logarithmic spiral that can be found over and over in nature.

Spirals that appear in nature.
Spirals that appear in nature.

The BIG question here is: "Is there a common mathematics in the logarithmic spiral?"

Of course the answer is: "YES!!"

It's called the Fibonacci sequence, or the Golden Ratio, or Phi (which of course are all directly related).

The Golden Spiral based on the Fibonacci sequence, or the Golden Ratio.
The "Golden Spiral" based on the Fibonacci sequence, or the Golden Ratio.

After some intense and very exciting research I discovered that not only can the Golden Ratio be applied to spirals and proportions, it can also be applied to…


You should have seen how excited I was the day I discovered that !!

I was out in my shed madly cutting up any piece of wood I can get my hands on to see if these Golden Ratio angles applied to Tai Chi Chuan in any way at all.

Can you imagine the noise I made when I discovered that they DID !!

And not just a little bit mind you …


Holy crap you should have seen the song and dance I made that day! I am certain my neighbours thought I had gone absolutely stark raving mad.

What followed from there is 9 years of research and experimentation where I went through the entire traditional Yang style Tai Chi Chuan (which I had already spent 15 years studying) and I brought every single angle of every single movement into perfect alignment with the Golden Ratio.

I also grabbed any willing person I could find who wanted to learn Tai Chi Chuan and I used these angles to teach them my new form of Tai Chi … and guess what?

They learned Tai Chi Chuan faster and better than ever before!

No more guess work, no more ifs, buts, or maybes about whether they were doing the Tai Chi Chuan form correctly. These angles were showing students how to get these special alignments perfectly correct the first time every time.

Then something very exciting happened, and it made me realize the full extent of what I had discovered …

… one of my students asked if they could have a copy of my Golden Ratio angle templates I was using in class so they could keep practicing at home on their own.

They were able to take these angles back to their own home and use them at their own leisure in the way I had shown them so they could keep learning and keep getting these special angles correct … ON THEIR OWN.

As long as they followed the method I shown them they were virtually teaching themselves Tai Chi Chuan!

What this means to you is that NOW YOU CAN DO THIS TO! You can also learn Tai Chi Chuan in your own home and at your own leisure using the special angles I have designed and made available for you in this online course. As long as you have the ability to follow the instructions I have provided both in written and video format …

… you can now learn Tai Chi Chuan online from the comfort of your own home or wherever you are in the world!

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OK, so what does this all mean to you and how does this help you learn Tai Chi Chuan online?

In the 9 or so years I have been developing the way Phi and the Fibonacci Sequence fits with Tai Chi Chuan, I have designed 3 simple tools that, when combined, give you every chance to quickly and easily learn Tai Chi from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you are. I have also worked out a simple way for you to actually make these tools yourself with minimum expense and trouble. You will get detailed instructions on how to make:

  • 1x floor template that will show you in clear and precise detail how to align your feet to get the all important foundations of your Tai Chi postures and movements right,
  • 1x Tai Chi ruler that gives you laser like accuracy in the way to structure your body to start bringing out all the benefits that Tai Chi offers,
  • 3x Tai Chi angles - these are the hidden key that tie everything together. Without these angles I would never have dreamed that learning Tai Chi online was even remotely possible. With these angles, and with a bit of dedication from you, you are now empowered to reap the rewards of learning Tai Chi that was previously only possible for those studying one-on-one with credible teachers.

This is a do-it-yourself-at-home toolkit which will take you by the hand and guide you through all the Tai Postures almost as well as if I was right there with you giving you personal Tai Chi instruction. You get laser-guided instruction on how to get all the Tai Chi alignments and postures perfectly correct.

I have also taken the trouble of producing a whole bunch of video clips that I have made freely available that will show you in step by step fashion how to use these tools to learn the 108 Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan. I have left nothing to guess about -- each movement, each posture is broken down to show you exactly where your body should be at every point of the Tai Chi form.

But let's cut to the chase shall we? Are you ready to start learning Tai Chi Chuan online?

Enrol to the Learn Tai Chi Online Program

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