Taoist Temple Forcibly Demolished, Henan Province, China

by Stuart Shaw
(Toowoomba, Australia)

On January 9th, 2012 the 5 Daoist priests of Henan's White Crane Temple (嵩山白鹤观) watched as their ancient home was forcibly torn down. The land, highly prized for its excellent feng shui, was sold by the Bureau of Cultural Relics to a developer for 3,000,000 Yuan. Videos and news of the demolition is being deleted from the Chinese internet.

So much for the PRC's recent support of Taoism as a cultural identity of China. This is a rough (very rough) translation using "Google Translate" from:


Taoism is a Chinese native indigenous religion, and the origins can be pushed to the Yellow Emperor asked the child in the world wide period of history dating back more than 5,000. If He Mingshan from Chang Tao-ling Fearless in Five Pecks of Rice Road, date created, there are nearly 1,800 years of history. It is deeply rooted in the fertile soil of China, and Chinese local culture are closely linked. As Lu Xun said: "The root of Chinese arrived in Taoism."

Dengfeng City, Henan Province in China Songshan junji peak east of the crane concept, but to commemorate the spirit of Dauphin Jin Wang Qiao Zhou built, pushing and origins, there are nearly three thousand years of history. The concept of carrying three peaks, cliffs all around, surrounded by was "playing with a pearl Kowloon" trend, known locally as the "Pearl heap." Xianjia but rare treasure. Legend has led to "Bai Hefei Pro." View of the temples everywhere, Joe has dedicated a king, Chen-Wu, founder of Taoism Lishan mother and other of you. Sin has always been true of the temple, the doors to high road. Unfortunately, the early 70s of last century, due to political factors, the destruction of the tragic view of a crane, but the public did not forget founder of Crane View Road testament, adhere to practice, even in the face of adversity during the Cultural Revolution is still in its orthodoxy has never been cut off.

Contemporary chair Wang Wujun a head crane concept but the whole truth on behalf of 20 high school Jinshan Road, Road, Wang Zhenjun, 8 years old came to the crane with the concept of teacher practice, more than four decades, said power exquisite. Since the reform and opening up, the state religious policy began to loosen, Zhang said the public are not afraid of a long hard road on to lead, raise funds in an attempt to rebuild the temple, golden statue of the founder and then plastic. May God Bless founder, said the public view after a crane and the foot of the worshipers lay their unremitting efforts. View of the crane finally rebuilt a few years ago. Unexpectedly While Crane View Road public immersed in the joy of rebuilt homes when a terrible disaster and quietly come. This caused the disaster and not because of anything else, but "people"!

October 5, 2010 afternoon, without any notice, Dengfeng City, Henan Province Bureau of Cultural Relics led hundreds of people came to the crane concept. Indiscriminate smashing white temple, buried statues, temples, Pa, in total disregard to discourage monks, this embodies the concept of Road crane lay public good they want to believe ancient Taoist view of strong self-demolition, during demolition, said the public have repeatedly call 110, but received no response. Although the then Secretary for Culture demolition Miaohou paralyzed man unconscious, but the concept will eventually become a pile of ancient ruins ...... Crane View Road, but the public has not yield, they set up tents in the ruins, with their own mountains cutting wood, digging vegetables and foot worshipers lay their aid to living a life of asceticism, a firm guard the founder of the temple. Secretary for Cultural Affairs who may be paralyzed things to be wary of gang officials. Road were able to calm the public view of the ancient ruins continue to live and practice ...... but the phrase "greed", I do not know because the interests of the temptation to cover up their only bit of "conscience" and "awe gods of the heart ", or they have never had these things. January 9, 2012, Cultural Heritage group of dozens of people went to the forcible removal of the ruins of the ancient concept of the public road which shelter tent. Crane View Road and the public of tents, food, blankets and other necessities to survive looted, a group of monks are not considered life and death.
Between ancestral jis may bless the night a fellow Mountain camp happened to be in crane concept for lodging, his camera captured some of the demolitions of the scene, and spread to the Internet, making this shady to be known around the world . Here is the Mountain Pine Road, Friends of the photographs taken.


Please consider helping with the following actions:

1. Call the Chiense embassies and consulates in the U.S and voice your concern (http://www.china-embassy.org/eng/)

2. Call the Chinese Daoist Association in Beijing 010-63394329 (please note the 12 hour time difference) and ask about the situation.

3. Spread the news.


Previous Comments (from old commenting system):

by: Evan Hollis

How unfortunate that the nation destined to be the world leader in many areas, should continue to "lead" in this fashion! Sometimes I find it easier to believe in an evil Capitalist deity than a benevolent ethereal variety.

by: Julianne Zhou

Thank you for sharing this!

Just wrong!
by: Jason

Just wrong without a past there can be no future

In seeking riches, one can lose sight of what is truly of value
by: 5x5

Terribly sad the true value of what they already had was not noticed.

This is awful
by: Hadouken

A true act of vandalism.

What a shame.

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