Yang Sau Chung 108 Tai Chi Chuan Form

by Stuart Shaw
(Toowoomba, Australia)

I had to share this one as it is the clearest footage of this form I have found. So interesting to watch this carefully.

Note how much of a lean he has, which is in contrary to the uprightness promoted by Chen Man Ching and other styles. Note also the speed and the almost stacatto movements.

You can really see the connectedness through the body -- how the power is all directed in the direction of the attack ... full body power.

My teacher was a student of Chu King Hung - third disciple of Yang Sou Chung - and the form I learned was very similar to this but more erect and a lot softer. I would have loved to have seen some combat applications from Yang Sou Chung himself.

Interesting, really interesting. My form has changed alot because of my CMC influence. Might be time to revisit some of this form again, who knows what may bubble up to the surface.


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